DEBEST Conference

Welcome to DEBEST 2023, which took place in the tradition of the IEEE Digital Ecosystems, Science and Technologies conference of the 8th series. Sponsored by IEEE Industrial Electronic Society in 2007. The conference had emerged at the same time as the EU 6th Framework Initiative in 2006 on Digital Business Ecosystems. In the last 15 years, this conference series has extended the concepts and expanded the studies across Europe, Asia Pacific, and North America.

The newly positioned DEBEST 2023 (or ‘the best’) is the best conference for cyber information engineering, digital democracy and human space computing for the future of our Digital Ecosystems, and embraces emerging technologies to make contributions for Sustainable Transformation.

The focus of DEBEST 2023 was on Trust in Our Digital Age. The DEBEST conference was hosted at Villa La Collina in Cadenabbia-Griante, Lago di Como, Italy. The Villa La Collina heritage has always been a place of mutual trust. Villa La Collina was the best venue place for DEBEST, as introduced by the General Chairs Professor Elizabeth Chang and Professor Achim Karduck.

This Website shows DEBEST 2023 and its results. A group of world class experts in Digital Ecosystems and Sustainable Transformation from Science, Education, and Innovation Adoption attended. Our Digital Age offers great opportunities for the challenges humans, our societies and economies, and our living space earth faces.

The result of DEBEST 2023 is the DEBEST Cadenabbia Agenda with the focus on Trust in Our Digital Age. Trust is essential for the well-being of each human and our societies and economies. Trust is the basis for fair-play between the nations on our common planet earth.

The presentations, debates, and statements leading to DEBEST Cadenabbia Agenda have been video captured and are available here.